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Grilled Cheese & Beer Night at Andrew's

Grilled Cheese & Beer Night at Andrew's

Beautiful family style table setup at Andrew's Cheese Shop in Santa Monica

Friday night, fabulous company, and four pairings of grilled cheese and beer. GIMME. NOW.

Andrew's Cheese Shop in Santa Monica hosts a grilled cheese and beer night once every month. You gotta buy tickets in advance and they go fast (get on the mailing list so you are notified when they go on sale). Our friend Grace who has all the knowledge of secret deliciousness in Los Angeles (don't ask her how, she has her ways) told us about this amazingness and bought tickets for the two of us and our +1s (thank you, Grace!)

Here's all the foods we consumed in 2 hours —

We started with a salad. Delicious, delicious green leafies. I am not a salad person but this dressing was tangy, spicy goodness. Andrew says he makes it spicy on purpose, so people start craving that beer coming next.

First pairing 
Beer: Liliko'i Kepolo (OMG Need more)
Grilled cheese: Olive bread, truffle butter (get your mind out of the gutter), prosciutto, basil, tomato, burrata and ricotta cheese.

Second pairing
Beer: Fantôme BBB Dark White 
Grilled cheese: Delicious bread made with unbleached flour, peperoncino, mushrooms and ragusano cheese. This might be my favorite grilled cheese. The peperoncino is perfection with the creamy goodness of the cheese.

Third pairing
Beer: Cuvée d’Oscar 
Grilled cheese: Baguette. Butter. Taleggio cheese. Pink lady apple. Andrew described this one as a garlic bread. I loved it way more than I have ever loved any garlic bread.

Fourth pairing
Beer: Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen This was a smoked beer. Andrew told us the story of how this was brewed by monks. They couldn't eat any meat, so they made their beer smokey(genius!). My initial reaction was - this smells like bacon, I do not like bacon, I do not like this beer. BUT THEN, you drink it with the grilled cheese and it's like a completely new beer. LOVED the pairing.
Grilled cheese: The husband's favorite! A delicious combo of rye bread, caramelized onions and Gruyère cheese.

Beer float!! Andrew served delicious vanilla ice cream in a stout. We were really full at this point, and I still polished off my dessert (because).

Other things to note

  • The hosts are super generous with seconds and thirds of both the beer, and the sandwiches. The grilled cheese were all open faced. Which means you can eat more of them. And do take more, but also pace yourself.
  • Take a Lyft there so you can drink without having to worry about driving back home really full and kinda buzzed.
  • You can buy beer and cheese from the store on your way out. So make note of what you like.
  • They do private events. Ahem, birthday party idea.

So there you go. Go do it. Sign up for a night of grilled cheese and beer. Share a table with 20 strangers and enjoy the feast while listening to Andrew's stories about the yummy food stuffs.    

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